Our MISSION: We are committed to making a significant and sustained contribution to solving what is arguably the most important challenge of our time; namely feeding the world ethically, sustainably and cost-effectively.

Growing demands on the field of Agriculture:

  • to increase yield in terms of quantity
  • to increase yield without compromising quality
  • to improve the quality and health of plants
  • to conserve our soil and resources.
  • to increase the use of natural, organic fertilizers

Prof.M. Zerhoune, National School of Agriculture Morocco

“There are many examples - the most spectacular results were seen by oranges. We measured a yield increase of 202% AND the ripening time was shorter. With maize we obtained an increase in yield of 128%. When we do the financial calculation then we see that the price of AGROSOLution is very low in comparison with the turnover.”

Agrosol powder and liquid does all this and more:

  • consistently increases yield
  • improves crop quality producing healthier and more vital plants
  • increases stress resistance in both dry and wet conditions
  • results in significantly more efficient uptake and utilisation of nutrients
  • is wholly natural and safe, protecting the environment

Prof. Martin Kugler, Federal College of Forestry Austria

“The (forestry) project was rather extensive and time intensive. It became obvious that the young shoots of the trees which were treated with AGROSOLution were clearly better developed than the untreated ones. Over a two year period that we conducted this study the fertilisation effect is clearly demonstrated. The results are documented in detail over the entire length of the study."